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Nov 16, 2021

Midlife and menopausal women are powerful, beautiful, and sexy. This discussion will fire you up to own your power in midlife and menopause.  Of course, women over 40 are faced with the classic challenges of menopause. However, we are owning it. We are not ashamed of natural aging like previous generations.

This is an opportune time to reevaluate who we are, and where we want to go in our next chapter.  Therefore maintaining fitness over 40, proper diet, proper rest, and a positive perspective is of vital importance. 

Midlifers are letting marketers know that the representation of women can not be limited to women in their  20's and 30's. Midlife women are strong, beautiful, and sexy. And having midlife women and men represented as strong, sexy, and beautiful is powerful.  

Ironically this episode was recorded and world menopause day and it was actually quite exciting to know that a day to celebrate this fabulous phase of life exists.

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