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Air Hug Community

Sep 29, 2020

Alcohol has been around since biblical times and is a hugely popular topic with regard to fat loss. In this episode, Judy talks about the 5 ways that alcohol halts fat loss.  Alcohol puts fat burning on hold. Alcohol is a disinhibitor. It supplies calories with zero nutritional benefits, and in fact, can hinder the performance of several vital organs. Alcohol is also responsible for diminishing testosterone levels leading to a sluggish metabolism and increased fat storage. Lastly, unfortunately, alcohol itself, is an appetite stimulant. The key to enjoying alcohol and minimizing fat gain is to learn what your ability is to moderate your intake so that you can meet your body composition goals. This is completely unique to each of us and must be addressed by paying attention to our habits and behaviors and the outcomes that result from them. This episode is in no way intended to diagnose or treat an alcohol addiction. for more information on alcohol addiction please go to

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