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Apr 26, 2022

 We have an inactivity problem that is messing up the fundamentals. It’s not an age problem it’s an inactivity lifestyle problem. It is a misconception to think that at a certain age you should not lift weights.


The truth is we are losing power at a rough rate of 15% per decade and strength at about 10% per decade. So if you are in your 40s 50s or 60+ a.k.a. mid-life and you are not doing something to get stronger that slippery slope of aging will take hold.


Being able to move weights around is super powerful and empowering.

Dr. Justin Farnsworth, a top-rated physical therapist in the Rochester, NY area and director of  Rehabilitation at the Painfree Performance Specialist Certification Company (PPSC) has an entertaining and surprising story to share. More importantly, he gives hope and inspiration to folks in midlife. This episode is full, of useful tips for living your best midlife.  Follow Dr. Justin on Instagram @drjustinfarnsworth  

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